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Koji Lopez

Koji Lopez is an 8 year Marine Corps veteran. As a machine gunner in the Marine Corps he did 2 combat tours in Iraq, and also did embassy security in Ecuador, China, and Colombia. After getting out of the Marine Corps he obtained a degree in Biochemistry before deciding to commit his passion to health and fitness.

Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements For Women

Though shedding excess weight is a common goal, many women still want to add weight. Some reasons include enhancing daily functioning, gaining muscles, and improving athleticism. Typically, women who want to gain weight should aim to increase muscles instead of accumulating a lot of fat.  While exercise and food are essential to adding pounds, muscle …

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5 Best Pre-workouts Supplements for Men

When you start feeling tired, unmotivated, and sluggish while getting ready for workouts, a pre-workout is the spark you’re looking for. Pre-workouts are the supplements specially designed to fight with problems like  fatigue and low energy level during a training session. These supplements available in the form of pills and powder can help in increasing …

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